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by Erin Lafond
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wedding blogging

So, I’m going to do something I’ve never done before which is create an entire blog post about my services. Which, in general, I don’t recommend. I’m going to do it anyway because I have exciting news to annouce.

Recently, I’ve started a new venture that’s wildly outside my normal which is wedding planning. My business is called Lovely Ever After, and it offers a variety of services. That being said, obviously I’m not going to stop writing or editing. That’s still my main focus. This just gives me a fun, part-time job that caters to my other interests. But it also opens me up to a new writing niche which is weddings.

I’ve spent a lot of time studying weddings at this point. I follow all the blogs, and I’ve read all the books. I’m even currently enrolled in a wedding planning course at the New York Institue of Art and Design. I find weddings exciting because each wedding is different, and it takes creativity and attention to detail to produce an awesome wedding. But weddings are also complicated, and they require a lot of inside knowledge. So, I would love to be able to start writing about weddings as well. So, as of today, I am offering wedding blogging!

Wedding blogging is basically informative blog posts about various topics. If you’re a florist, you might write about the difference between fresh flowers and silk flowers. If you’re a photographer, you might offer an abbreviated shot list. Weddings offer endless topics for vendors.

If you’re a wedding/event vendor and you’re looking to jumpstart your business, a blog is the way to go. I wrote a blog post for Waypoint Writing about why having a blog is so important, so you can check that out. Basically, a blog helps you to establish credibility, improve your website’s SEO, and give you an opportunity to sell your services. I have the expertise regarding the wedding/event industry and the writing skills to produce what you need. If you’re looking for samples, you can check out Lovely Ever After’s blog.

Reach out to me today, and find out how we can get started!

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