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5 Instagram Prompts for Filmmakers

Instagram is a great place to promote your movie because it’s a visual site. Its strengths are photos and short videos. This makes it the ideal social media place for filmmakers. But it can be hard to figure out what to post. Obviously, your promotional materials like your graphics are a gimme, but you don’t want to just post promotional graphic after promotional graphic. You’ll overwhelm and annoy your audience, and they’ll unfollow. Luckily, I’ve got some Instagram prompts for filmmakers to help you create the ideal grid.


People absolutely love behind-the-scenes photos. Give your audience a glimpse into what it was like to make a movie. Teach them how you did something specific. Show them what a film set looks like. This can include pictures taken while shooting a scene, pictures of crew members doing their job, or pictures of props and sets. You’d be surprised what your audience would be interested in.

Other movies or directors

Being a part of the community is so important, and it has the added benefit of creating a network that can help promote your film. So, do your part for the community and promote other independent movies or directors. You can talk about how a director has influenced you or helped you in some way. Or you can really just talk about how much you enjoy their work. These same things apply to movies. It gives you great content for your social media because it adds value. It lets your audience know about other movies or directors they might be interested in.

Crew member bios

This can be a great way to highlight all the hard work of your crew and add a face to your movie. Your audience also loves it because it has a behind-the-scenes vibe, and they can learn about different roles and see how everyone collaborated to make the film. This can just be a headshot or behind-the-scenes photo of the person working. You introduce them, explain how they contributed to the film, and maybe give a fun fact about them.

Polls and questions

This is one of my favorite Instagram prompts, and people often don’t think of it. Polls and questions are an easy way to prompt engagement and get great content. These can be basic questions like asking what your audience’s favorite movie or genre is or do they like watching movies at home or in theaters more. You can get more specific and ask them if they’ve seen a specific movie or like a specific director. Questions are easy for you, but they are still fun for your audience. You can either do this as a post or add your question/poll to your Story.

Reviewer quotes

This is a great way to promote your movie without just posting your movie poster. It lets your audience know that your movie is worth seeing and gives them a sense of what the movie is about. You can even post the full review in your bio link if you want people to go read it. Your bio link, by the way, should always link to your website.

These Instagram prompts should give you a good foundation, so you can start posting great content. Posting consistently is so important, and you can always use these prompts to batch out your content.

Do you have any great ideas for Instagram content? Let me know in the comments below!

Erin Lafond

Erin Lafond is a freelance writer and aspiring filmmaker. She's obsessed with superheroes and love stories, and she enjoys helping filmmakers promote their work.

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