Editing/Critique Services

by Erin Lafond

You’ve finally finished your short story or your book. What now? It’s done, but you don’t feel like it’s finished enough to shell out a bunch of money to have it copyedited. You think you might need another draft, but you want feedback to be sure.

Or maybe you’re stuck. There’s some problem within your work that you can figure out. You’re not even sure what it is, but you know something is wrong. Maybe you do know what it is. This character feels unrealistic, your villain feels too predictable, or your story feels too short.

Basically, you want your story to be the best it can possibly be. You’re just not sure how to start. This is where I come in.  I work with writers specifically during the early stages, helping them to hammer out any issues within their work.

Check out my services below so you know what kind of level you need, and then reach out today for a free quote.

Plot Critique: 

You send me a three-page max synopsis of your book, and I give you feedback. You can also request a consultation during which I can help you flesh out your ideas and develop an outline. A basic package includes one pass.

Editorial Assessment:

I’ll read your manuscript and evaluate specific elements such as character, plot, dialogue, structure, and style. You’ll get an editorial letter that highlights your book’s strengths and weaknesses. I will discuss only the big picture issues rather than specific scenes except as examples. You can request a follow-up meeting where we have a more in-depth discussion. A basic package includes one pass.

Developmental Editing: 

As your developmental editor for your story, I’ll provide you with an editorial assessment as well as comments throughout. The letter will address the big picture things like plot, character development, and structure. The comments will focus on things like language, clarity, and consistency. If you’re looking for more information about developmental editing, check out my blog post about it here.

The basic package includes only one pass, an editorial assessment, comments throughout, and a half-hour follow-up discussion.
Developmental editing is the deepest type of editing you can get.  Email me at [email protected] to schedule a free consultation!

I specialize in speculative fiction, love stories, and young adult, but I am open to all works with the exception of children’s books.

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