Writing Services

by Erin Lafond

Blog Posts: These days, a blog is essential to a business’s success. Blogs increase your ranking by constantly providing new content for search engines to index and by providing multiple opportunities to stuff your website with helpful keywords. Not to mention, blog posts mean multiple opportunities to sell your services since a blog can help keep potential customers on your site.

More than that, a good blog full of well-researched posts can establish credibility for your business. If you’re looking at a business, wouldn’t you be more likely to contact them if they had posts demonstrating that they knew their stuff?

Your business needs a blog. Period. If you’re too busy to commit the time and energy, leave it to a professional blogger, like me. I’m a skilled researcher who can write about virtually any topic, but I specialize in weddings, writing, and blogging.

In addition to my own blog, you can check out samples here and here. For wedding blogging samples, check out here and this blog.

Ghostwriting: As someone who has spent time studying multiple forms of writing, no matter what you need, I can help you craft your next story. For instance, many people have inspirational stories they want to get out into the world, but they aren’t sure where to start.

Outsource your story, and find out what a good writer can do for you.

Informative E-Books: Have you ever gone to a site and seen “check out my e-book on how to attract clients” or “click to get your free e-book about how to manage your money properly?” Similar to a blog post, an e-book that you give away to your potential clients can establish credibility and provide value to their experience.

As someone who specializes in research and writing, I can write you an e-book on virtually any topic that you can give away or sell to potential customers.

These are just a few of the things that I can do for you. I’ve done copywriting, creative writing, academic writing, and business writing. Additionally, between my time in libraries and academia, I’m a skilled researcher. No matter what you need or the project, I can help. Reach out to me today for a free quote so we can get started!

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