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I'm your friendly neighborhood academic

I analyze and review media, and occasionally, I'll even be funny while doing it.

Erin Lafond - writer and developmental editor

Hey there!

I'm Erin

I’m a writer, reviewer, and mom. Reviewing movies and books you’ve forgotten about or never heard of in the first place is kind of my thing. Occasionally, I’ll throw in something you’ve definitely heard about just to keep things interesting. I’m also a lover of indie video games, cups of tea with far too much honey, and (almost) every genre of music. In my spare time, I create colorful and unique portraits of creatives.

As someone with a educational background in English, I also enjoy teaching about writing and helping others write better. Odds are, you found me through a blog post about writing, and that’s great! If you need my help on that front, you can check out my services. I offer a unique combo of developmental editing and writing coaching.

If you’re looking to reach me, feel free to DM me on Instagram or email me at [email protected]. Thanks for being here!