Ten Writing Prompts for Fantasy/Sci-fi Writers

As a fantasy writer, I find it difficult to refrain from giving every writing prompt that fantastical slant. So, when I come up with prompts for the teen creative writing club I facilitate, the fantasy/sci-fi prompts are always the easiest. Each meeting, we start with basic story prompts to warm up before we move on to our writing games. Below are ten writing prompts to help you warm up. If you are not a fantasy/sci-fi writer, try to see if you can take the prompts in a different direction. Feel free to post your stories in the comments!

  1. You rummage around in your dresser and find that someone has left a mysterious key.
  2. You’re outside stomping in rain puddles when you fall right through one.
  3. Humans have to move to space, because the Earth is dying.
  4. You have just found a journal under a loose floorboard in your house.
  5. You’ve been sucked into a video game.
  6. You wake up one day and realize that no one can see or hear you.
  7. You wake up in the middle of the night and there’s someone standing at the foot of your bed.
  8. You find a baby mythical creature.
  9. You go outside one day to find a magnificent garden growing in your backyard.
  10. It’s already too hot to go outside and it’s getting hotter every day.

Erin Lafond

Erin Lafond is a freelance writer and aspiring filmmaker. She's obsessed with superheroes and love stories. She's also a new mom, so she writes about that a lot.

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