The Ultimate Guide to Writing a Fiction Novel

by Erin Lafond
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the ultimate guide to writing a fiction novel

If you’re a newbie to writing, you’ve probably spent time staring at a blank page saying, “How am I supposed to actually do this?” That’s fair. Writing any novel can be daunting, and writing a fiction novel means spending a lot of time fleshing things out.

For that reason, I’ve developed a guide book that breaks down writing a novel into steps that you can follow. It’s full of tips and tricks for creating the best novel you possibly can.

My guide is broken into five lessons:

1) Developing Characters

Your book requires a good foundation and that means good characters. Characters are the first step because they help you develop your plot. They’re perhaps the most important element of your book so you need to really take the time to develop them. This section breaks down how to do just that.

2) Developing a Plot

This is the next important stage: plot. This is where the guide helps you figure out exactly what your book is going to be. Keep in mind that you’ll continue to develop your plot and characters as you go. You’ll run into issues that you’ll need to fix or things you need to change. Don’t worry about it if you end up somewhere completely different from where you started. It’s part of the process.

3) Writing the Actual Novel

All right. Next up, writing. I give you some tips and tricks for keeping your writing momentum and simply getting it done. You might not be able to do everything you want to do yet. You’ll maybe even write sections that you know you’ll have to fix later. That’s okay. There’s a time for that. In the meantime, just push.

4) Rewriting

In this section, I break down why rewriting is so important and why you’ll need to do it. Remember when I said that you’ll keep developing as you go? This is the stage during which you’ll implement these changes. Not sure what those changes should be? Reach out to me! I can help.

5) Editing

Now that you’ve written and rewritten, next up is editing. I go through the two stages of editing and what you should focus on during those two stages. I give some hint as to what it’s going to be like working with an editor too.

If you’re ready to start writing a fiction novel, my guide can help you through the process. Not only is it full of tips, but it has various exercises to get your creative juices flowing.

Sound good? Get the guide by getting access to my resource library!

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