how to balance writing and life
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How to Balance Writing and Life

Most writers cannot afford to stay home and write all day. The majority of us balance writing with our daily lives, including work, managing a household, and maybe even kids. This can make writing seem like a chore because you’re exhausted. So, how do you balance writing and life? Create manageable goals By manageable, I …

how to self-edit
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How to Self-Edit

I’m going to preface this by saying while it’s important to know how to self-edit, you often need both self-editing and professional editing. This depends on what you’re writing. If you’re a blogger, you probably don’t need a copyeditor. If you’re writing a book, you definitely will at some stage. Regardless, you need a polished …

how to start worldbuilding
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How to Start Worldbuilding Roundup

Worldbuilding is intense. For those of you who don’t know what it is, it involves creating a world specific to your story. It means a lot of dedication and attention to details. You have to think about whether you’re going to create a language and what kind of government you’re going to have. I could …

book review i love you so mochi
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Book Review: I Love You So Mochi by Sarah Kuhn

All right. I’ll eventually review something else, but, for right now, we’re just going to keep doing cute YA romances. This particular cute YA romance was another binge read, and I enjoyed it a lot. So, let’s review I Love You So Mochi. Summary I Love You So Mochi is about a girl named Kimi …

international crime 1938
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The Superhero Project: International Crime (1938)

If you haven’t checked out my post on The Shadow Strikes, now is the time. It’s the prequel to today’s movie International Crime. I’ll wait. Summary The movie International Crime was released in 1938, directed by Charles Lamont, and starred Rod La Rocque as Lamont Cranston and Astrid Allwyn as Phoebe Lane. Cranston is also …