10 youtube channels to watch if you're interested in film

10 YouTube Channels to Watch if You’re Interested in Film

YouTube is one of the best free resources for people wanting to learn about films and filmmaking. There’s a variety of channels to help you learn about analyzing films, learn about how to make films, and learn what equipment to use. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite YouTube channels that I personally watch to …

1 Thing to Think About Before You Kill a Character

One Thing to Think About Before You Kill a Character

So, I’m sitting in the theater watching Deadpool, and it’s just started. It’s pretty good so far. You know, it’s Deadpool. Violence. Hilarity. Inappropriate jokes. Then, (spoiler alert) they suddenly kill Vanessa, Deadpool’s girlfriend, and the movie immediately loses my favor. I just talked about this idea in my Thanos post, but, apparently, we need …

How to Create a Good Villain: Thanos

How to Create a Good Villain: Thanos

Spoilers ahead! You have been warned. I was beyond excited for Avengers: Infinity War, and it is amazing. Part of what makes Infinity War so good is its villain, Thanos. This entire movie is built around Thanos. The ending even says “Thanos will return” which is chilling and unsettling to viewers. So, let’s talk about …

Writing Tips From The Last Jedi

I’m a huge Star Wars fan, and I always have been. I’ve watched the movies countless time, and I’ve read a good chunk of the extended universe. I am not a fan of The Last Jedi. It had its moments, but the overall story was problematic and lazy. I’m going to leave out my nerd reasons for disliking the movie and focus on the writing. So, I’ve put together some of the movie’s major weaknesses to hopefully provide some insight into how you can write better than the writer of The Last Jedi, Rian Johnson. Most of the issues within The Last Jedi stems from Johnson’s unwillingness to follow up on The Force Awakens. He let plot points drop and ignored vital questions and clues for shock value. For being parts one and two of a trilogy, the two movies feel disconnected.