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Book Review: Love and Luck

I am obsessed with this book for several reasons. I got it from the library about a week ago, read it in a couple of hours, and then bought myself a copy. So, let’s get into my review of Love and Luck.


I actually mentioned this book in my blog post a couple of weeks ago about developing characters. It’s a YA book about a teenage girl named Addie who is in Ireland for her aunt’s wedding. She’s supposed to go from that wedding to Italy with her brother who she’s currently fighting with. She’s also trying to get over something that happened at home. Instead of Italy, the siblings end up on a road trip in Ireland accompanied by their friend Rowan and a book called ” Ireland for the Heartbroken .”

I’ll try not to spoil too much.

The Good

The love story in this novel is really understated and cute. It feels appropriate for the story and was thoroughly enjoyable to read. You really root for the two characters because they’re just adorable.

I also loved the way the novel focused on sibling relationships. The relationships felt dynamic, and you could tell that the characters really cared about each other. The slow reveal of the core issues between Addie and her brother/road trip companion Ian was well done.

Also, I know I’m gushing by this point, but it also contains a really great friendship moment between Addie and her friend Lina that made me super happy.

Basically, this book is all about relationships and supporting each other.

The ending is inspirational and shows the resilience of teenagers and the benefit of said supportive relationships. It addresses an important issue that unfortunately many teenagers face today.

The Bad

There’s honestly not much to talk about here, which is rare for me to say.

I’ve seen several reviews of this book that comment that it didn’t feel Irish enough. Basically, unlike her last book on Italy, they didn’t come out feeling like they knew that much about Ireland. While I understand their point, I don’t agree with it completely. I felt like it was a good slice of Ireland.

I wasn’t a fan of the flashback portions of the narrative. It felt like something that could have been handled differently. Not to mention, we already had interruptions to the narrative in the form of the guidebook so a separate interruption in italics felt like too much.

Overall, I really recommend this book. It was a sweet book with a lot of great moments.

That’s my review of Love and Luck. If you’re interested in more book reviews, be sure to sign up for my newsletter so you don’t miss anything!

Also, post in the comments if you’ve read the book, and let me know what your opinion is! If you loved Love and Luck, I recommend checking out Love and Gelato by the same author. It’s about Addie’s friend, Lina.

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